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Powder Barrel

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  • Mini Powder Hopper
    Contact NowMini Powder HopperThe size of mini hopper Powder hopper , Suitable for lab spray system the material is 304/201stainless steel hopper is on-piece, can not be detached contain fluidized board and the powder tube
  • Square Powder Hopper
    Contact NowSquare Powder HopperSquare Hopper (spare part of electrostatic coating equipment) 1. Spare parts of electrostatic powder coating equipment. 2. Powder suppling container, can most load 8 powder pump. 3. working with the Automatic reciprocator, for powder coating automatic.
  • Round Powder Hopper
    Contact NowRound Powder HopperProduct features: design science, beautiful appearance, durable, breathable plate (micro plate) using imported polymer materials refined, the boiling effect is good, so that more uniform powder flow. Shape: round Size: can be customized Material: 304 stainless steel,201...